Transport and Air Pollution 10th International Scientific Symposium

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September 17-19, 2001 
National Center for Atmospheric Research 
Boulder, Colorado USA

Following meetings held since 1986 in Avignon, France and Graz, Austria, 
this 10th symposium will be held at the National Center for Atmospheric 
Research in Boulder, Colorado USA. It will be aimed at assessing 
scientific knowledge in the field of air pollution due to emissions from 
transportation systems. All transport modes will be considered (road, 
rail, air and sea), and as well as the effects of air pollution on the 
environment (health effects, dispersion, acid rain, greenhouse effect, 
etc.). The 10th symposium will consider all of these aspects, but will 
focus particular attention on issues relating to transport emissions, 
atmospheric transport and diffusion, air chemistry, and integrated air 
quality modeling. All modes of investigation and analysis will be 
covered: theoretical, empirical, numerical modeling, and chamber and 
ambient measurements.

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