GURME Latin American Cities Project

The Latin American Cities Project grew out of the GURME Experts Meeting held in Cuernavaca, Mexico in October 2002, which was attended by 25 invited participants from 11 countries.  The first Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting in Latin American Cities was held in Santiago, Chile in October 2003; this was followed by a WRF-Chem and Remote Sensing Workshop in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2005.  The first GURME basic training course on air quality forecasting was delivered in July 2006 in Lima, Peru.  A comprehensive Training Course on Air Quality Modeling for Latin American Cities Project was held in Mexico City, Mexico in August 2009.   More expert workshops and training courses will be convened in the future as needed.  A discussion forum with a network of scientists and groups actives in Latin American cities and international experts will be established to facilitate the exchange of information on air quality modeling and forecasting.


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