AGU Joint Assembly 2013 - Cancun

agu 2013

Abstract Submission Deadline: 6 February, 11:59 P.M. EST

Special session on Megacities

A10. Mega-cities, Mega-challenges
Conveners:  Luisa Molina,  Luis Gerardo Ruiz-Suarez, Marcelo Mena-Carrasco

About half of the world's population now lives in urban areas. Many of these urban centers are expanding rapidly, leading to the growth of megacities. These concentrations of people and activities have led to increased energy consumption and enhanced atmospheric emissions of gases and particulate matter with serious consequences on air quality, climate change, public health and ecosystems. Addressing emissions from megacities has become one of the most important environmental challenges, especially in the developing world. Participants will present studies conducted in large urban centers around the world, including emissions, photochemistry, meteorology, air quality modeling, aerosol radiative properties, satellite remote sensing, and policy implications.

Special Session on Urban Air Pollution

A08. Urban Air Pollution in Latin America
Conveners:  Paulo Artaxo, Luisa Molina and Pedro Oyola

This session will discuss the latest issues related to air pollution studies in Latin America. Among the issues that will be discussed it includes: source apportionment, health effects of air pollutants, abatement strategies, urban meteorology, vehicular an traffic related emissions, climatic effects of urban emissions, urban heat island and other related topics.