2nd International Conference on Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation APMS'2001

2nd  International Conference on Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation APMS'2001 
April   9-13, 2001, 


The aim of this meeting is to review the current understanding of  Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation and to bring  together people from various scientific communities (meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, modelling  of emissions, input data, numerical analysis and applied mathematics , ...) in order to confront their points of view.

Organized by

Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC) and 
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)

Scientific Committee

Nicole Audiffren          (LAMP, France) 
Gilles Bergametti          (LISA, France) 
Peter Builtjes             (TNO, NL) 
Pierre Carlotti            (Cambridge, UK) 
Greg Carmichael            (University of Iowa, USA) 
Alexis Coppalle            (CORIA, France) 
Frank Dentener             (IMAU, NL) 
Hendrik Elbern             (University of Cologne, FRG) 
Rainer Friedrich   (University of Stuttgart, Germany) 
Isabelle Herlin            (INRIA, France) 
Robert Joumard             (INRETS, France) 
Francois Xavier Le Dimet   (University J.Fourier and INRIA, France) 
Nicolas Moussiopoulos      (Aristotle University, Greece) 
Luc Musson Genon           (EdF, France) 
Spyros Pandys              (CMU, USA) 
Vincent Henri Peuch        (Meteo France) 
Robert Rosset                (LA, France) 
Adrian Sandu               (University of Michigan, USA) 
Olivier Thual              (CERFACS and IMFT, France) 
Martin Van Loon            (TNO, NL) 
Robert Vautard             (LMD, France) 
Jan Verwer                (CWI, NL) 
Jordi Vila-Guerau         (Wageningen Un., NL) 
Zahari Zlatev              (NERI, Denmark)

Scientific Secretary

Bruno Sportisse              (ENPC, France)

Conference Topics

The following topics will be studied: 
(1) Modelling of atmospheric chemical kinetics (gas and  aqueous phases) 
(2) Aerosol modelling 
(3) Mesoscale meteorology 
(4) Urban scale meteorology 
(5) Emission models 
(6) Coupling with radiative effects 
(7) Numerical simulation of transport 
(8) Numerical simulation of atmospheric chemical kinetics 
(9) High performance computations 
(10) Data assimilation and sensitivity analysis 
(11) Inverse modelling 
(12) Predictive tools 
(13) System management

Abstracts and Proceedings

The conference languages will be English and French.

The abstract (two pages) must  be sent to the conference web site before October 6, 2000 
It will be reviewed by two members of the Scientific Committee.

Notification  of acceptance will be sent to authors before December 1, 2000.

The full papers have to be sent before February 2, 2001.

Proceedings will be edited under a form to be determined  (by INRIA or and a scientific publisher).

Sponsorship Committee

A sponsorship Committee is being currently built up.

Key dates

First Announcement                          June 2000 
Deadline for submission of abstracts      October 6,  2000 
Notification to authors of acceptance     December 1, 2000 
Deadline for submission of full papers    February 2, 2001 
Conference                                 April 9-13, 2001


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