GURME Workshop 2002

Expert Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting

Cuernavaca, Mexico
24-26, October, 2002

Meeting Summary (WMO Bulletin)


Opening of Workshop Welcoming words by WMO, local organizers
Lisa Jalkanen, WMO Overview of the Global Atmosphere WAtch (GAW) programme
Greg Carmichael, USA Perspectives on needs and directions of air quality forecasting
Georg Grell, USA Results and some lesesons learned from real-time simultaneous prediction of air quality and weather of NOAA
Richard McNider, USA Role of Data Assimilation in Air Quality Forecasts
Alexander Baklanov, Denmark Possibilities of NWP models for UAQ Forecasting and Items of the EU FUMAPEX Project
Roberto San Jose, Spain Operational Air Quality Modelling over the Internet: 6 years of Experience
Pai-Yei Whung, USA US Air Quality Forecasting Program; Research Transition operation, and socio-economic benefits
Country Experiences  
Noel Nelson, UK Air Quality Forecasting and Related Work
Peter Manins The Australian Air Quality Forecasting System
Michael Moran Current Status of Operation Air-Quality Forecasting in Canada
Rainer Schmitz Application and Development of Air Quality Models in Chile
Victor Magaña Air Quality Modelling for the Mexico Basin
Victor Hugo Paramo Forecasting Air Quality in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City
Gustavo Sosa Air Quality Photochemical Modelling in the MAVM (Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico)
Mario Molina, USA Overview of the Mexico City Air Quality Programme at MIT
Sasha Madronich, USA Export of Air Pollution from Urban to Regional and Global Enviroments: Scientific Issues and Opportunities of a Proposed Field Campaign to Examine Mexico City Outflow
Air Quality Measurements Network  
Pedro Oyola, Chile Air Quality Network Design for Urban and Rural Model Validation
GURME Projects  
Alexei Liakhov Moscow Project "Meteorological Servicing for Sustainable Development of the Moscow Megalopolis"
Weidong Liu, China Application of CAPPS in the Numerical Prediction Operation System of Air Pollution
Break out sessions  
Workshop Summary  
List of Participants  


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