6th International Workshop on Air Quality
Forecasting Research (IWAQFR)

World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC)
Montreal, Canada, August 16-21, 2014.


wwosc2014As announced at the last IWAQFR, the 6th International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research will happen in conjunction with the first World Weather Open Science Conference (www.wwosc2014.org) in Montréal, Canada, starting on August 16, 2014.

The brainstorming sessions at both the Geneva (2012) and Santiago (2013) workshops stressed the need to bring the air quality and meteorological communities much closer together and facilitate work at the interface. The World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC) offers a unique opportunity to pursue these recommendations.

The WWOSC will bring together the international meteorological community at large, including air quality scientists and oceanographers, as well as their user communities together to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead under the overarching team: Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from nowcasting through medium-range to seasonal forecasts. The conference will include sessions on Data assimilation and remote sensing of chemical constituents, on Predictability and Dynamical/Physical/Chemical Processes (including PBL processes, cloud microphysics, and atmospheric composition), on Chemical transport and aerosol modelling, on Urban scale environmental prediction systems, on Regional/mid-latitude environmental prediction systems as well as on Improved understanding of the synergies and science-based needs of multi-hazard events.  

We strongly encourage you to submit an abstract before February 24, 2014 (http://wwosc2014.org/side_call/instructions_abstract-e.shtml) to one of the sessions specifically targeted to stimulate interactions between air quality scientists focused on forecasting and our meteorological colleagues. These sessions, highlighted below, are co-convened by members of the IWAQFR community. Do not hesitate to contact them for more information.

Theme 1: Observations and Data Assimilation

Session : Observations and assimilation of atmospheric constituents
Conveners: Arlindo daSilva (NASA, USA) and Vincent-Henri Peuch (ECMWF)

Theme 2: Predictability and Dynamical/Physical/Chemical Processes

Session: Atmospheric and oceanic composition (processes and physics)
Convener: Véronique Bouchet (Environment Canada)

Theme 3:  Interactions between sub-systems

Session: Chemicals transport and aerosols modeling
Conveners: Bernhard Vogel (KIT, Germany) and Alexander Baklanov (U. of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Theme 4: Numerical Prediction of the Earth system: putting it all together

Session: Urban scale environmental prediction systems
Convener: Greg Carmichael (U. of Iowa, USA)

Session: Environmental Prediction Systems: Mid latitude regional aspects
Conveners: Virginie Marécal (Météo-France) and Jeannette Onvlee (KNMI, Netherlands)

Theme 5: Weather-related Hazards and Impacts

Session: Improved understanding of the synergies and science-based needs of multi-hazard events
Conveners: Xu Tang (WMO) and Paul Davies (Met Office, United Kingdom)